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Tired of wasting your time looking for the right place? Feel overwhelmed by the too many non-tailored options on the web? Do you wanna live a true insider experience? got pretty lucky, with Citynsider you can accomplish all this!

Citynsider is a web community of young and curious travelers that share travel experiences and tips on cities they have lived in. Thanks to Citynsider, you won’t waste time choosing among an overwhelming amount of options anymore. Yet Citynsider will provide you with a few, select and tailored suggestions. Exactly as when you call a friend that already knows both you and the city to have a couple of tips: quick and reliable!

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Our goal is to help you quickly discover new places in each city like a true insider without the hassle of dodging fake reviews and reading through thousands of non-tailored suggestions. We bring together the natural expertise of locals who live in a city, providing you just with the best and most tailored places for your profile as if your friend advised you. The whole website is designed to make your choice the easiest possible! User friendly with short descriptions, one-line suggestions and only the best first four suggestions tailored to your needs and taste (then of course you can go deeper through the others). It’s so annoying to spend hours reading never-ending descriptions and thousands of revisions of unknown people!

A simple invitation-only method, we are not being snobby here, just trying to ensure that who logs in shares our passion for traveling. Each registered user has three invites available to share with the three most local-travel passionate friends. If you're lucky enough to receive one from a friend go-ahead and log-in with or . Otherwise drop us an email full of pathos at and tell us why you believe you should be part of the community.

Well done, you’re now part of Citynsider. There are a few different roles inside the community: you start as a "classic" user. This means you can plan your night or trip by looking for your tailor-made suggestions and of course browse the website for all the great tips around. You can also add places and Travel Diaries that will be visible in your profile. Places are single restaurants, bars, squares, shops that you like in a particular city. Travel Diaries are a collection of cool places that make up for a whole trip in order to remember all the best experiences and share them easily whenever a friend asks for advice on the same journey. You can store all of these in your profile and use them as a memory container to find “that amazing restaurant I went to in Paris” or “that cool bar in London that makes the best Gin&Tonic”. If you feel like a true local we can upgrade your profile to "Insider" which means that your suggestions and tips will go into the main search where everyone gets their suggestions from.

Citynsider Team

"Traveling has long been one of our deepest passions. Keep exploring the world meeting new cultures, discovering the most hidden gems and tasting different cuisine is what we love to do in our leisure time!"
"We are here to accompany young travelers, making them live the best experiences ever. With our carefully selected city insiders, we only recommend places we truly find amazing. Everything else is worthless.”

Alan Ben Seralvo

  • Alan holds a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and Physics from Kings College London and a Master Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Cambridge
  • During high school he spent a semester in New Zealand. In addition to London and Cambridge, he lived in Israel and France for shorter periods
  • In Digitag he learned how to code. Moreover, he had a work experience at Ref-E, a consulting firm operating in the energy industry

Emanuele Baroldi

  • Emanuele holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Bocconi and he did the Master in Management at ESCP Europe
  • During the master he studied a year in Madrid and a year in Paris. Moreover, he spent several short periods in the USA during the Summer
  • He has working experience in Investment Banking at Credit Suisse

Niccolò Bogianchino

  • Niccolò holds a Bachelor’s Degree cum laude in Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconi and a Joint Master in International Management between Bocconi and the London School of Economics (CEMS)
  • During his studies he spent a semester at Rangitoto College, New Zealand, and a term at the University of California, San Diego
  • He is currently Associate at the Boston Consulting Group

Marta Perovani

  • Marta holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Bicocca University and she did the Master in Management at ESCP Europe
  • During the master she studied a year in Madrid and one in Paris. Moreover, she spent a semester in Paris during the Bachelor’s Degree
  • She has working experiences in marketing at YOOX NET-A-PORTER, Luxottica and Lancôme (L’Oréal)

Tommaso Jarach

  • Tommaso holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Energetic Engineering and a Master’s Degree, focused on power production, renewable energy, from Politecnico di Milano .
  • Thanks to an agreement between Politecnico and ENSTA ParisTech, he attended a course in Paris focused on photovoltaic solar energy
  • He did an internship at Building Energy, an Italian company specialized in energy production through renewable energy

Giacomo Colombo

  • Giacomo holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Management Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and he is currently part of the UNITECH program, a network of top European engineering universities and companies
  • During university, he spent a semester in Rio de Janeiro and one in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • He worked at HILTI corporation in Liechtenstein and he is now part of Prysmian’s Graduate Program